Dana Dye is a healthcare executive coach and advisor who has been working in the industry for 40+ years. She has vast executive experience working in both non-profit, for-profit, and public sectors of healthcare. As a nurse, Dana worked in critical care, emergency care, and trauma prior to becoming a highly effective healthcare leader and executive. For the last 30 years, Dana’s career has been at the executive level with integrated health networks leading transformational change, improving quality outcomes, employee engagement, patient experience, and cultural change. She has held executive positions of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer. In addition, she served as a corporate Vice President/CNO for a $14 billion+/year health system and most recently as CEO of their $3B+/year flagship hospital. Throughout her career, Dana has served on local, state, and private sector boards focused on the health of communities and organizations. This has led to significant interactions with individuals from diverse backgrounds including elected officials, system leaders, organizational boards, and state and national leaders in healthcare. She understands the current challenges of hospitals, physicians, health systems and organizational boards face in today’s complex environment. Dana has provided executive coaching and mentoring for many healthcare leaders including hospital executives, clinic leaders, and physician leaders. She has also served organizations as a consultant for organ transplant programs, and organizational operational and clinical improvements. Dana received her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Webster University. She went on to complete her master’s degree in Public Health and Administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She splits her time living between Memphis, Tennessee, and Kansas City, Missouri. She enjoys spending time with family, traveling, gardening, and fishing.