Advisory Services


What We

At Square Up, your company’s growth is important to us. That’s why we offer advisory services in addition to talent placement and mentoring. If you’re looking to expand or streamline your business, we deliver exactly what you need: real world healthcare experience, logical thinking, a fresh perspective and problem solving at its finest. Ultimately, we are results-driven—just like you.

Ways we can help

Here are some of the ways we help healthcare organizations succeed:

  • Strategic plans for medical groups
  • Board and executive education
  • Physician employment strategies
  • Independent physician strategies
  • Developing organizational structures and realignment
  • Network strategies & partnerships
  • Imaging strategic planning
  • Imaging vendor & professional service solutions
  • Executive leader development and coaching
  • Development of market-specific innovative consumer-facing services

Success Stories

Some of the successes we’re proud to have orchestrated include:

  • Working with an integrated health system in the Midwest to develop a strategic plan, restructure its employed medical group, and oversee the implementation of new services to engage consumers in their market
  • Developing and implementing a strategy with a California hospital to affiliate with physicians, develop a clinic structure, and set the path for developing a medical foundation
  • Providing education to the board of a health system to help them understand the ROI of an employed medical group in terms of the consumer and brand enhancement
  • Assisting an independent physician group in identifying partners to assume management of their hospitalist division
  • Advising a physician group of 70 in the Midwest on a multi-million dollar professional services agreement negotiation with a national system
  • Helping a newly formed rural hospital district to develop by-laws and receive all necessary approvals from governmental bodies to provide services
  • Advising a Silicon Valley startup that developed urgent cares and consumer friendly software to create world class access. The company received over $20 million in funding, and partners with multiple health systems

We excel in bringing consumer-facing solutions to healthcare organizations. We have the experience, knowledge and success in implementing innovative programs such as:

  • Concierge medicine
  • Enhanced primary care
  • Lifestyle & integrated medicine
  • Aesthetic services
  • Executive health programming