Executive Search

It takes talent to run a successful healthcare business. Real talent. At Square Up, we specialize in uniting exceptional healthcare talent and leading healthcare organizations allowing us to deliver unparalleled results to our clients.

With more than 50 years of combined experience working in healthcare leadership, we are able to find exceptional talent only industry insiders can. Talent that will give your organization an edge.

Is Square Up right for your company?

If the words ‘leading healthcare organization’ describe you, then yes, Square Up is absolutely the right company for your search needs.

We have the breadth of experience to fully understand a company’s needs, and the expertise to identify a professional’s strengths and advancement opportunities. At the end of the day, our strong values, collaboration and culture of excellence allow us to deliver results to our clients.

Success Stories

A small sample of our success on behalf of our clients:

– Chief Executive Officer for a $1B Regional Health System

– Chief Financial Officer for a $750m+ integrated health network

– Vice-President of Operations for a large academic medical 500+ physician multi-specialty group

– Vice-President of Cardiovascular Services for a $2.5B health system

– Director of Revenue Cycle for a 300+ provider medical foundation

– Chief Operating Officer for a 100+ physician medical group

– Director of Decision Support for a $1B+ hospital

– Vice-President of Finance for a 250+ physician group

Find the Right Fit

Let us help you find your next executive.